About Us

Specialising in management of small to medium size businesses accounts and we offer a simple and unique fixed-fee quote that we agree in advance! In our experience, many firms that offer fixed-fees have many hidden add-ons and extras, providing you a quote with a ballpark figure, not a final fixed fee, unlike many of our competitors we do not add any extra hidden cost to the agreed quote, the sum you agree is the sum you pay.

We also believe that we can offer an outstanding value service by using the latest technology to communicate with you, though we are always happy to meet clients face to face, we believe that in most cases, this is no longer necessary and will save you time and money in the current trading and market conditions.

Although we are a small and independant business, we are fully licensed, regulated, with associate partners that we can rely upon for any technical and legal issues requiring clarification and/or confirmation.

We believe that we can offer you an outstanding service and have many existing clients that will happily provide you a reference.


For further information please contact us on 01252 820684